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Sitges Carnaval 2011

traveling to Sitges to experience their Carnaval


Spain Spain  |  Mar 06, 2011
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A few of use from our program decided to go to Sitges to celebrate Carnaval on Sunday night. We wanted to experience the awesome parade and all the people. It was an awesome experience! I was really glad we went and I got my Carnaval fill for a while. It was something I have never experienced before. The people, the noise, the costumes, the actions of people. Just everything was not what I am used to. I think my favorite part was the fact that tons of people were there dancing and having a good time together. It didn't matter what/who you were or where you came from. Everyone was happy and I have never been asked to take pictures with as many people as I did. People would just walk up to us and ask to take pictures with us because of our costume or face masks. It was really fun and I am glad I went. We took a bus there through a company called Stokes. I liked the program and met a lot of interesting people on the way there and back. 

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  • Carnaval

    March 06, 2011
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