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Fun around Barcelona with Barcelona SAE!!

The in's and out's of everyday life in one of Europe´s most cultural and vibrant cities, BARCELONA. Join the students of Barcelona SAE as they explore, discover, and live la vida Barcelonesa!

Ham-Flavored Chips...Solo en España!

Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Feb 11, 2011
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 Combining cultures, practicing languages, and sharing food...what Barcelona is all about! 

Yesterday evening, Barcelona SAE held its first intercambio event of the semester with the Spanish students of Blanquerna Ramon Llull University. The intercambio saw a big turnout of students eager to meet peers from another culture and help one another practice speaking their respective lanuages. Throughout the hour, students rotated in small groups and discussed various topics while alternating between speaking Spanish and English. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a "pica pica" of Spanish tortilla, olives, cheese, and chips (even ham-flavored chips to the surprise of many American students...only in España!)

At first a little shy, the students quickly became accustomed to sharing their native language for 4 minutes and then practicing their foreign language for the next 4 minutes. The students patiently helped guide one another with their respective languages while discussing topics like family, culture, movies, Facebook, and nightlife.

The event proved to be very worthwhile for the attendees, many of whom signed up to continue meeting up for one-on-one intercambios with their newly made friends. In my experience abroad, I´ve found that the best way to really learn about a new country and feel integrated is to meet the locals, practice speaking with no fear of making mistakes, and contribute back by sharing your culture with them!

Hasta la próxima intercambio!!

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    StephanieCastillo wrote: Fri Feb 18, 2011
    Yes, the ham flavored chips shocked the heck out of me too! lol They're really good though...
  • Ham-Flavored Chips...Solo en España!

    February 11, 2011
    No Photo | No Video