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cultural credit card

if i write about some of my experiences.. i can get reimbursed.. called a cultural credit card- how clever! yay moneyy..

pumpkin lasagna... 1.25... cause that's all i have left

Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Mar 06, 2011
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Last Thursday, Liz, Nikki, our other friend Emily and I ate at Gusto del Born (as recommended by the Strandburgs). We had the pasta of the day (lasagna) bread and drank fantas! We were definitely expecting regular meat or veggie lasanga and ended up with PUMPKIN.. yes, PUMPKIN lasanga.. how strange. However, it was quite delicious. I'm really enjoying trying new foods in different places in Barcelona. Until this meal, I had never eaten in the Born... now it is one of my favorite neighborhoods. Liz and I also tried a pasta that was stuffed with pear and cheese and topped with walnut cream sauce... definitely a strange combination of flavors- but totally delicious and something that I might have never tried at home. 

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