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Costumes, Candy and Craziness. Must Be Carnaval!

Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Mar 23, 2011
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Barcelona, and Spain in general, is all about the festivals.  If there's something to be celebrated, there's gauranteed to be a festival with a giant parade and some of the weirdest things you wouldn't expect to see on the streets (like children strapped with fireworks).  Carnaval was no different, and we all decided to trek down to Sitges, a smaller town right outside of Barcelona, for the crazy party we heard was going to be going on there.  And it was crazy.  A few of us girls decided to take the trip with a bar called Stokes, for the convenience of the bus, and when we arrived at about 9pm everything was already crazy, which is an unusally early hour for Spain.  But there were costumes everywhere, from nuns to movie characters to people who didn't come as anything and just put on a crazy combination of clothes. The parade was one of the most extravagent things I've ever seen, and the general atmosphere was so much fun, everyone was so happy and just glad to be there in celebration together.  It was a great trip and I'm really glad I got that experience while here in Spain!

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  • Costumes, Candy and Craziness. Must Be Carnaval!

    March 23, 2011
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