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Visions and Revisions: Discovering the Culture of Barcelona

This journal will serve as a collection of my experiences, observations, and reflections over the next four months of cultural immersion in Barcelona.


Spain Tarragona, Spain  |  Mar 19, 2011
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Yesterday was our last group trip together! I’m so sad that time is going by so fast and I’m trying not to think about leaving. I’ve decided that our host family will be adopting me so that I can stay here forever. (Not sure about the logistics of adopting a 20 year-old, but I still have a few weeks to get it figured out…) The trip to Tarragona was amazing and makes me want to stay here even more. The Roman ruins were some of the coolest I’ve seen so far. They even rival the ones I saw in Rome since they were so interactive. We got to walk underground through the vaults that supported the circus (not Barnum and Bailey’s, but a chariot racing stadium) and a lot of the buildings have Roman ruins inside them. You can see remnants of the vaults in the pubs, banks, and restaurants throughout the city. Imagine going to get cash out of the bank and walking underneath the bleachers of the old Roman stadium—so cool! The amphitheater was amazing too! We got to walk around the stands and then down onto the main level where the gladiators fought and the view of the sea from the amphitheater was great! After lunch we took the bus to a beach on the Mediterranean and just hung out for an hour. We had an epic football match in the sand, attempted to get a juggling circle going, and then just started making up games with the ball. We put our feet in the ocean before we left in an attempt to get some of the sand off of us, but I’m pretty sure there was still almost as much sand in our clothes, in our hair, and on the bus as on the beach by the time we got back home. (I had to take my clothes off in the shower to avoid getting sand all over the apartment…) The weather was perfect, the city was beautiful, and it was a great day of exploring and messing around on the beach. This trip was definitely one of my top memories so far.

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