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Learning that not everyone is going to be nice to you. Customer service doesn't always exist outside where you live.

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Spain, I see you

Visits throughout Beautiful Barcelona, Spain

Institute for Higher Learning

Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Jul 24, 2012
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 But when I’m at a science center, I’m free to learn all these scientific mechanisms without the requirement to comprehend it all. 

I am not a science person, but I do love to visit science museums. People probably wonder how a person who hates science enjoys trips to the science museum. But I think there’s a difference. When I’m in class, I’m forced to try and understand why different chemicals react the way they do or how damage to brain nerves cause different aphasias. But when I’m at a science center, I’m free to learn all these scientific mechanisms without the requirement to comprehend it all. They give me the option to have fun with science.

                While in Spain, I visited two science museums. The first one was Cosmo Caixa in Barcelona and the second Las Ciencias in Valencia. Although Cosmo Caixa had a gigantic artificial jungle filled with birds, bugs and a giant pond of diverse fish, Las Ciencias is my favorite.

                In Las Ciencias, there were multitudes of different attractions. One of the first that I noticed was the Marvel portion of the museum. They had X-Men comic statues laid out, a Spiderman chair that spins you like an astronaut and a Spiderman wall a person can climb. Throughout the museum, they also had mutated animals such as a chicken with three legs and a goat with two bodies. It was so strange to see, but so very fascinating. Two other good ones were the heat and fat detection machines. Naturally, I stayed away from the fat detection machine because I did not want to know.

                For an interesting form of information, Valencia is the only city that has no Ikea because they make their own wood. Good to know.

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