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Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Jul 22, 2012
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 The talking pictures have invented silence 

A few weeks ago, BIC took students to visit Girona. Because I went to the running with the Bulls that very same weekend, I completely missed out on the trip. But today, I paid Girona a little visit with my friend, Brendan.

                Once we arrived in Girona, the train station seemed busy, but the streets looked empty. I constantly made jokes that it was due to the fact that Girona was closing, but only on Sundays. Almost everything is closed on Sundays in Spain, a fact I’m still getting used to. Without the company of a tour guide, we generally felt lost, but it was the good kind of lost where it leads you to a great adventure.

                We gazed at a post lined with street signs and Brendan told me to choose a path. I childishly picked Universitat de Girona, not realizing that it meant exactly as it said. We sure had a laugh about that. After picking a different sign, we followed the path and hoped it led to somewhere fantastic. We chose correctly and found ourselves walking on the Puente de Piedra, through the Jewish quarters, also known as “the Call”, and inside their amazing Cathedral. The Cathedral was definitely magnificent. The stained glass window panes were beautifully crafted. Although silence was requested, there were a few rebels and the echo of voices rang through the church.

                Due to our joint love of movies, we ended our trip by visiting the Museo del Cinema. The museum showcased the different equipment used to film movies throughout the decades and explanations of how it has evolved. We played around the exhibit by using various film equipments and gazed at different images moving in the machines. Because we were the only two in the museum, we did not hold back on playing around like children in a toy shop.

                Overall, Girona was a fun adventure; even on a Sunday. If I took away anything of great importance from the city, it would be this: “The talking pictures have invented silence” (Robert Bresson).

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