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What is your most embarrassing travel experience?

my mom and aunties made us late to meet our travel group after shopping. The boat had to wait for us in Venice.

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Spain, I see you

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Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Jul 11, 2012
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 Park GĂĽell 

It’s been almost two weeks in Spain and what do I have to show for it? A few pictures? A few stories? How about a new life unfolding in portraits of beautiful Barcelona? At twenty-five, I have traveled through five different countries, but have never gone more than a week away from my family and friends.  Yet, here I am in a brand new city. A city, more like a stranger, that less than two weeks ago seemed so terrifying. Somehow, I managed to enjoy it and wish that my only one month here was a terrible lie someone told me. My one day at the Gothic quarter, Barceloneta and Park Güell confirmed my assumption that I definitely need more time in Barcelona. As far as I am concerned, being so far away from home doesn’t seem so bad when you have a view like the masterpieces of Antonio Gaudi.

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