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What is your most embarrassing travel experience?

my mom and aunties made us late to meet our travel group after shopping. The boat had to wait for us in Venice.

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Spain, I see you

Visits throughout Beautiful Barcelona, Spain


Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Jul 21, 2012
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 It was the best day. 

I had one of the best days in Barcelona yesterday afternoon. After three weeks of built up anxiousness, my friends and I finally trekked our way to Mount Tibidabo. We first paid a visit to the Catholic Church, the Temple de Sagrat Cor, which overlooks the city of Barcelona. The sun was blaring down quite harshly, but I still managed to enjoy walking up the steps to the second level of the church. My favorite aspect of the church was the little spiral staircase leading to the third and final level of the church. Once we reached the top, the wind fiercely played with our hairs, but offered a refreshing brush of air on our skin. We could see into the amusement park and could not wait any longer. We made our way back down and headed towards the rides and park goodies.

                We rode five rides, overdosed on nachos, hot dogs, popcorn and happy puppy slushies. The melon slushy was my personally favorite and had to get a refill because I finished mine so fast. Although I wanted to stay longer at the park, my body needed to go home and rest. However, I happily walked away from Tibidabo with a souvenir cup, a few bracelets and a souvenir picture of our lovely log ride. It was the best day.    

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