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The Sister Comes

Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Mar 29, 2011
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So this past week my sister came to visit me from the U.S. so of course I make her walk everywhere for 2 days straight so we could fit in as many activities during her 6 day stay. On Thursday we walked around Parc de Cuitadella, el Born, Passeig de Gracia to see the Gaudi buildings, and Las Ramblas. It was really fun to show someone around and be able to point out little facts about the different buildings and areas. 

Friday we decided to tackle Montjuic. We first stopped off at Fundacion de Miro to see the museum and Hillary and I checked out the library for more information for our final projects. Then we went to Poble Espanol which was not as cool as we thought it would be, but we found a glass blowing shop that had a ton of really cool glass statues and you could watch the glass blowers in action. We ended up buying multicolored parrones! Then we walked around Plaza Espanya for a bit until we decided to take the cable cars up to Montjuic. It was a really cool view of the city and the castle was super pretty as well. We wished we could've spent more time up there, but the cars down were closing shortly so we took some photos and headed back.

Saturday we walked around Barceloneta and the beach and had paella lunch. Then of course, like any other girl, we had to go shopping. That night it was our Senor's birthday and most of their family came over to celebrate. We ate dinner with all of them and they took our pictures as if we were part of the family. Of course of Senora, Carmen, brought up our trip to Morocco and their family asked us a million questions about the trip. We have known to become family entertainment and Kelsie often shows off pictures of her and her twin sister, who they find so strange they look nothing alike. 

Sunday was a low-key day, as it usually is in Barcelona, and a bunch of the girls went to Professor Strandberg's house for a day of haircuts. It was nice to hang out and watch some American TV with Sherri and have our girl talk. 

Monday my sister went on the Bus Tours while I was in class and we met up at The Sagrada Familia tour after school. It was really cool to be able to share that experience with her because it was the first time I had been inside too. Afterwards we shopped for some souveniors and then went to the movie night.

Today we decided to make a trek to Parc Guell, which is a must see for everyone while they are visiting. We took a ton of pictures and of course had a photo shoot at the ANTM season 7 runway location. We also went into the Casa Museo Gaudi since my sister bought the combined Sagrada Familia and Gaudi House ticket. It was pretty cool, but nothing compared to Casa Batllo. As we left we ran into my friend from high school who is also studying in Barcelona this semester and his family. It was funny because it seems like everyone has had their family come visit the past few weeks. We told them about a Flamenco show we want to go to tonight and hope they will come meet up with us. 

Reembursements: Teleferic de Montjuic: 9,70

Casa Museu Gaudi: 4, 50

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