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The first full weeks of classes are over, and they have been very fast paced and intense. We also had Salsa class last night, ayyy!

A Little Bit of Salsa!

Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Jun 07, 2012
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 Well, the weekend is upon us again. I can't believe another week is already gone. The time has been flying since I've been in Barcelona. 


Well, the weekend is upon us again. I can't believe another week is already gone. The time has been flying since I've been in Barcelona. Anyway, the Salsa class went great! It was a really fun and new experience. The dance studio was hot as the sun, but I guess that's how it is here in Spain. Many places don't have air-conditioning, so you learn to adjust to the heat. The class lasted about an hour and we learned a few of the basic steps to Salsa. The steps were pretty simply, however when the teacher put the music on, it was a lot harder to keep up with. We were told that it is all about the hips. Without movement and freedom in your hips, Salsa just won't work. I'm sure I looked stiff but I tried to move with the music while keeping the steps together. I think I will give Salsa a try when I get back home because I really enjoyed the class and the dance is fun, as well as the music. 

Today I went to the Barceloneta beach. It was fun, however it was quite cloudy. Something that is much different here from the United States is that the women can go topless at the beaches. It's nothing unusual to see a girl without a top on; I guess they save money on their swimsuits right? The waves were huge so I didn't go in all the way, but I most definitely got wet from head to toe. I stood in with my knees to the water, and at times the waves were so big and powerful that they would push me completely over. We were at the beach for a few hours before retiring back home. The rest of this weekend should be quite eventful as well. I plan to go to Park Guell tomorrow, and the La Merce, Santa Eula'lia festival on Sunday. I am looking forward to this very much and to seeing a live human castle, or "Castells".

Some other interesting things about Spain that I'm sure most don't expect is that people still hang their clothes out on the line in order to dry them; I definitely wasn't expecting this. Also there are much more public displays of affection, I saw quite a bit of that today at the beach. My classes have been going great and my teachers are doing a good job of teaching and making classes fun and enjoyable. I miss everyone back home, but I will see you all soon enough with many things to share! Buenos noches. :) 

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  • A Little Bit of Salsa!

    June 07, 2012
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