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Festival de La Mercè Santa Eulàlia

This weekend I was able to make it to one of Barcelona's traditional festivals, and also see a fight on the metro. Two very interesting events!

Another Great Weekend

Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Jun 10, 2012
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 Another weekend has come and gone here in wonderful Barcelona, and most definitely not without some adventures. 


Another weekend has come and gone here in wonderful Barcelona, and most definitely not without some adventures. This weekend was very enjoyable and I got to see some really great stuff at the Festival de La Mercè Santa Eulàlia. The festival took place at The Avinguda de La Catedral. To start the festival off, there was a traditional church service outside of the Cathedral, which was very interesting to watch and try to understand. The service went on for about two hours before the march of the giants began. The giants were different important people to the history of Spain, as well as other animals and things that represent the culture. I really enjoyed this section of the festival and was taken back by the whole thing. I knew after the giants had all passed, the human towers or "castells" would begin. The castell was made up of about 20 people, with a little girl on the top. It was amazing to watch as they climbed up each other to build the tower and also to see them maneuver their way back down. This festival was awesome and I am very happy I was around to see it!

I tried to see Park Guell yesterday but unfortunately I walked around for over an hour and was unable to find it. So needless to say, I will have to try again. Last night I went out with some girls from the program and on the metro ride home we saw a girl fight. Everyone was coming home from the clubs, and all of a sudden the metro was full of commotion. A girl had taken both her shoes off and was attacking another girl who had apparently told the attacker to not smoke on the metro. There were all sorts of names being shouted out, and up until our metro exit, the two girls were being held back from fighting. The girl was hit in the face with the shoe and had a welt almost immediately. When the people next to me asked another girl what was going on, the girl responded saying this wasn't that unusual for the weekend. It was quite intense! 

We already have midterms coming just around the corner on Tuesday. Today I met up with Emily to study and have a café con leche, but of course there is always room for more studying. This next week is going to be very busy with classes, a cooking class tomorrow night, tutoring Tuesday night, and a weekend excursion to Costa Brava. I am really excited about all the events going on this week and will let you all know how they go!  For now, it is back to studying for me. Buenos noches. 

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    Cassandra wrote: Sun Jun 10, 2012
    WOW sounds like a night in Vegas haha!!! Love the Festival pics can't wait to see more. Looks like you're having an amazing time! <3 and miss you!
  • Another Great Weekend

    June 10, 2012
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