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Cooking Class

Yesterday we had our cooking class and our midterm today.

Cooking Class and Midterm, Check!

Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Jun 12, 2012
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 As I mentioned, we had our cooking class last night and it went great! It was very fun with the group all helping out to make the courses for dinner. 

Hola Amigos, 

As I mentioned, we had our cooking class last night and it went great! It was very fun with the group all helping out to make the courses for dinner. The class was at a place called "Cook & Taste". We were split into two groups, and I was in the group with the women instructor, Karla. She was very nice and helpful. We made quite a few courses including: chupito de sopa de tomate al aroma de Idiazábel, tortilla de patatas con pan con tomate, Paella Valencian style, and Crema Catalana. Now, to explain these dishes a little. The first was a shot of cold tomato soup with nuts and spices as well as a delicious cheese on top. The tortilla is the Spanish omelet with potatoes, and pan con tomate is bread with a little garlic, tomato "smashed" into it-as our instructor said-, olive oil, and salt. Paella is a very famous dish here in Spain generally made with rice, vegetables and seafood, however we used chicken. Finally, the Crema Catalana is similar to crème brulée. Everyone had a part in the cooking and was assigned to help out on certain dishes. Whether it be cutting the vegetables or cooking the chicken, we all had a part. I helped with the crema Catalana and the pan con tomate and really enjoyed it. It took about two hours to prepare all the food, and then we finally got to have a feast. The food was very filling and the company was great. I would recommend this class to anyone who comes to this program in the future! 

Today we had our midterms for classes. It went well I think, but it was most definitely a challenge. After school, I went to tutoring for about an hour, which was also good for practice and very entertaining due to the group of people that went. Now that midterms are out of the way, we have a weekend excursion to look forward to. This Friday we will be leaving for Costa Brava and coming back on Sunday. The program has a lot planned for this excursion and I am very much looking forward to it. On our way, we are going to be stopping in at the Dalí Museum. This is going to be really great. I always enjoy going to different museums and exploring the history of the subject. Today our teacher told us there are only seven more classes left until this month’s semester is over. How the time has been flying! We still have quite a lot to do until the time is up, and I still have a lot of things to see over the next month and I half that I have here in Barcelona. I hope everyone is having as good a time as I am! Hasta luego. 

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  • Cooking Class and Midterm, Check!

    June 12, 2012
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