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Flamenco and the Last Week of Classes

Monday night we went to see an amazing Flamenco show after a tour of the neighborhood, La Raval, and this week marks the last full week of classes for summer session number one.


Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Jun 20, 2012
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 Well, I cannot believe it but the last full week of classes for session one are upon us. In fact, they are coming to an end after tomorrow. 


Well, I cannot believe it but the last full week of classes for session one are upon us. In fact, they are coming to an end after tomorrow. This week has been a very exhausting week, but of course very fun as well. Monday night, a few of the people from the program went on a tour of La Raval and after we were able to go to an amazing Flamenco show. The show was very awesome from the music, to the singing, and of course the dancing. It was all amazing! The show started with some very nice music and after a bit of waiting and anticipation, the Flamenco dancers came on stage. First it was a man and women dancing and they were both very good. After they finished their routine, the band, which consisted of two guitar players, a drummer, and a singer with some strong wind pipes, entertained for a bit. The guitars were my favorite part of the music, however the singer was also very impressive. The music had a definite Latin feel to it and it made me want to practice my Salsa moves. After the women Flamenco dancer had changed, she came back on stage and absolutely blew the crowd away. She did things with her feet that I did not even know were possible. For anyone to be able to dance Flamenco they have to be very in shape based off what I saw on Monday night. I really enjoyed the show and I will most definitely going again next month if the opportunity presents itself. 

This weeks classes have been quite hectic with three quizzes in total and still learning and preparing for our final coming up on Tuesday. I am very excited with what we have been learning and how my ability to speak more fluently has improved in the amount of time I have been here. I am hoping to get together with some native Spanish speakers next week during me days off from school in order to practice and be sure to utilize my Spanish while away from classes.

Before I go, I also want to mention that I went into the Arenas today, which used to be the old bullfighting stadium but was converted into a mall after bullfighting was prohibited in Barcelona. The mall is unlike any other I've ever been into! It was cool to see the way they transformed the stadium and utilized the space. Not only are there many shops, but also a gym with a pool, a movie theater, a rock museum and restaurants on top and a great view of Barcelona. I was very impressed by the Arenas mall. Now, as usual, it is time for me to do some studying. Until next time, have a great night! 

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  • ¡Flamenco!

    June 20, 2012
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