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Al Cine!

Today I went to see a Spanish movie with Emily and got to look around at some shops.

La Suerte en Tus Manos

Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Jun 22, 2012
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 Well, the first session is quickly coming to an end with only one more day of classes and finals on Tuesday. It is quite bittersweet. 


Well, the first session is quickly coming to an end with only one more day of classes and finals on Tuesday. It is quite bittersweet. I am looking forward to meeting next months group, but also sad to say goodbye to the friends I have made this month. I'm also quite nervous for the final seeing as we have covered so much material over the past month. This means a lot of studying for me this weekend! However, I of course will be engaging in some fun activities. The festival of Sant Joan is going on tomorrow, and although I am a bit nervous to attend, I think I will go to check out the festivities. Sant Joan is the festival to celebrate the Spanish solstice. From what I have heard, the festival gets really crazy. People celebrate Sant Joan with fireworks and by going to the beach and drinking in excess. My teacher Cristina told my class that on Sant Joan, people choose three things they don’t want in their lives anymore and three things they want, and they write them down and keep the ones they want until the next day and get rid of the others. This is a way to do out with the bad and in with the good. I can already hear fireworks outside my window showing that people are preparing for the festival. Tomorrow in the day I hope to go to Sitges with Emily and April, but make it back for the night to celebrate Sant Joan while here in Barcelona. 

Today I went to a Spanish movie called, "La Suerte en Tus Manos" with Emily in order to test and practice our Spanish. I was expecting to have a hard time following it seeing as movies are generally at least an hour and a half and I was right. I understood conversations and parts of the movie, but it was very hard to piece together the overall meaning of the story. But this is a good way to push myself and because I knew it would be difficult, I wasn't frustrated at all. I was actually quite happy because I did understand quite a bit of the dialogue, and this is something I wouldn't have been able to follow at all a few months ago. Emily and I were also able to stop in to a few very cool shops yesterday after classes and I decided to get my ears pierced. So, I bought a few pairs of earrings to make it official. I think Emily and I will be going to get them on Monday. Things have been going great here in Barcelona. I miss everyone back at home but will see you soon enough with many memories to share! I hope you all have a good weekend and for anyone here in Barcelona be safe and have fun at Sant Joan! Buenos noches.  

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  • La Suerte en Tus Manos

    June 22, 2012
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