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Session Two Classes

Our second session of classes have started. We went on another tour of the Gothic Quarter on Monday, and today T'Ericka and I went to see the Olympic Stadium.

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Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Jul 03, 2012
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 The second session of classes started up on Monday, and they have definitely been wearing me out. 


The second session of classes started up on Monday, and they have definitely been wearing me out. It has been hard getting used to waking up early for classes again on top of the fact that I generally don't sleep well here anyways. However, I am really enjoying my class and I believe it will definitely be very helpful in improving my Spanish speaking. I am taking another six credit intensive Spanish course, and I am all alone in my class. So far this hasn't been hard, but I am sure on days that I am extremely tired, it could be problematic. "What do you think class? Oh I mean Elisabeth, Elisabeth are you awake?" Both my teachers are quite fun so I really don't think I'll have any problems but sometimes you can't help but yawn. I have noticed a definite improvement in my Spanish from today to when I first arrived, and I am very grateful to my teachers for this. I have mentioned before, and will continue to mention how awesome the teachers are here. Although it will be very intense, I am looking forward to these next few weeks of classes here in Barcelona.

Monday, the program took the second group on a tour of the Gothic Quarter. I wasn't planning on going because we went on this tour last month, but I decided it would be a good way to meet people and perhaps I would learn some different things. I was happy I went because I did meet some people, learned a few new things, and they offered a tour in Spanish this time, which I of course opted to take. Today I went to the Olympic Stadium with T'Ericka, and it was quite awesome. The area it is located in is very beautiful. We stayed for a while and watched some kids playing soccer on the grass and also took some pictures. Things are going good here in Barcelona, and I plan to use this month to really focus on bettering my Spanish; of course I plan to see the sights as well. I have been trying to set up intercambios with a native Spanish speaker, so I hope to meet someone soon. I also plan to go to another movie this month to practice as well as evaluate the progress I have made. This Friday we have a day trip to Girona. The trip should be great and I am looking forward to having lunch there again-this program really knows what's up when it comes to food! I need to get back to my homework, but I hope everyone is doing great back at home and knows that I miss them a lot! Buenos noches. 

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    July 03, 2012
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