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Day Trip

Today we went to Girona again for a day trip and visited the Dali Museum again. We've made it through the first week of classes and now it's time for some rest, relaxation, and entertainment this weekend.

It's the Weekend!

Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Jul 06, 2012
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 Today we went on another day trip to Girona and had another visit to the Dali Museum with the second month's group. 

Hola Amigos,

Today we went on another day trip to Girona and had another visit to the Dali Museum with the second month's group. Although I had already seen both these places, I had a good time today and was glad I chose to go again. The tour of Girona was a bit different than last time because the Cathedral was not open seeing as they did not have a Mass today. So, we got to see a little bit more of the town than on the last trip, which was nice. After we took the tour of the town, we had about 20 minutes of free time, which I used to pick up some postcards. After the free time, it was time for lunch. I was lucky enough to go back to the same restaurant as I did on last month’s excursion. I had the exact same courses that I did last time as well, and I loved them just as much! A few people at my table ordered the same things because I couldn't stop talking about how good it was. Lunch was also nice because every one got to have some good conversations over a great meal. Afterwards, we headed to Figueres to go to the extravagant Dali Museum again. I was looking forward to this because I was absolutely fascinated by the museum the first time, and I definitely noticed and learned some things that I didn't the first time through. I also met a guy and girl in the group who are from Casper, Wyoming, and attend the University of Wyoming as well. It really is a small world! Overall, today's day trip was a good experience yet again!

We are now one week down on our classes, and just like last month, it has been going by very fast. I had a great first week of class. It has still been hard sleeping and getting up early, however, my teacher Veronica, whom I have in the mornings is very funny and we laugh a lot during class. So, this has made it easy to stay awake and lively, in addition to a café con leche every morning! I have quite a lot of homework to do over the weekend, but all of it will be beneficial. I have set up a Spanish-English intercambio for Sunday, and I am really looking forward to this. I set the intercambio up through a website called Uolala. Eleven people have joined the activity online. I was actually very surprised by the number of responses I got, but I think it will be awesome because it will be great practice and also a good way to meet locals. I am hoping T'Ericka will come with me, but if not I'm sure it will still go great. I am going to go to Sitges tomorrow finally. I've been trying to go for weeks now, and tomorrow it will be happening. I've heard a lot of great things about Sitges and I'm sure I will have a good time and get in some nice rest as well as some swimming at the beach. We have a lot going on next week with the program so I will most definitely be worn out, but I plan to do as many things as I can in the short amount of time I have left. I am considering bungee jumping before I go, but we will see about that. I hope you all have a nice weekend, and I will let you know how the weekend goes! Buenos noches. 

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  • It's the Weekend!

    July 06, 2012
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