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The Weekend

This weekend I finally made it to Sitges and had an intercambio with a nice guy born here in Barcelona.

To Sitges

Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Jul 08, 2012
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 The weekend was quite busy from our trip on Friday up until today. I did actually make it to Sitges yesterday and it was really beautiful. 


The weekend was quite busy from our trip on Friday up until today. I did actually make it to Sitges yesterday and it was really beautiful. We didn't make it there until later in the afternoon but it was nice because by then it was sunny and a good temperature. I really enjoyed finally going to  Sitges. The ride was actually very quick and quite beautiful as well. It was nice to lie out on the beach and I also got in the water, which was really amazing! The beach was very lively and there was music being played non-stop because there was a gay pride parade there earlier that day. After spending a few hours in Sitges we made our way back to Barcelona. I went for a short walk around my neighborhood and then relaxed for a while before T'Ericka and I went out. We went to a few places in Las Ramblas including a very fun salsa club. This was the first time I had been to a salsa club, and I definitely tried a few of the moves I learned in salsa class. It was a lot of fun! We also met some really great people from Australia and the U.K who were very friendly. 

Today I took advantage of the last day of the weekend to sleep in late, and then got ready for the intercambio. A few people had things come up and informed me they couldn't make it today, so it was just me, T'Ericka and a man named Jordi who met up for the intercambio. However, I think it still went very well. We walked around the Gothic Quarter for a while and then talked over some Café and pan con tomate. I was really happy because Jordi complimented my Spanish. There is no denying it has improved, but also coming here has really helped me lose my fear of speaking in front of people. The only way to get better of course is to practice, and if you never talk, that won't happen. The intercambio proved to be very entertaining; we had some interesting conversations most definitely. I really hope to meet with a few more native Spanish speakers before I leave, but my time here is definitely coming closer and closer to ending. After classes this week I plan to get out and do/see as many things as possible. Tomorrow I will be going to meet with the program in Montjuïc for the open-air cinema night. I am really looking forward to this and think it is a great activity to do with the program. The movie is "True Grit", which I have never seen but have heard good things about. This week is going to be very busy from classes, activities going on with the program, trying to sight see on my own, midterms on Thursday, and then a weekend excursion to Valencia. The last excursion was excellent and I'm really looking forward to going to Valencia. I need to finish up some homework, but I hope you all have a good night. Buenos noches. 

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  • To Sitges

    July 08, 2012
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