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The Weekend

The final weekend here in Barcelona is already here and I can't believe. It seems like just yesterday that I was riding home in my taxi with Emily who is know a great friend, and Barcelona feels like home.

The Last Weekend in Barcelona

Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Jul 21, 2012
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 Well, like it or not it's my last weekend here in Barcelona. As my time here comes to an end I feel both sad to leave, but also really grateful for the opportunity I had to come. 


Well, like it or not it's my last weekend here in Barcelona. As my time here comes to an end I feel both sad to leave, but also really grateful for the opportunity I had to come. It has been amazing and I think this was the best thing I could have done for myself looking both at it personally and professionally for my future. Being able to study here in Barcelona has opened my eyes up to so many things, and I would really love to continue traveling in my life and learning different cultures around the world. 

The weekend has been quite a relaxing one so far, however, tomorrow I am going bungee jumping with my roommates. This will most definitely put an end to the relaxation. I am really excited to do this, but also a little scared of course. Honestly if I were in the United States I don' think I would do it, but I am in Spain and you only live once, right? Yesterday I walked around Plaza Catalunya and did a little shopping. I bought a book in Spanish that Elena suggested I read, called "La Sombra del Viento". I have read a few pages and so far I think I understand it pretty well, which makes me really happy! Tonight T'Ericka and I are going to grab some dinner and then head to the Magic Fountain one last time. I loved the Magic Fountain the first time through but it was really rainy, so I am happy we are going to go again. I think I may do some packing before we go, but this is probably going to make me quite sad.

My classes have still been going really well and I love both my teachers. The other day I was walking with Genis and Christina, who was one of my teachers last month, and I made a joke that I only liked my first class, which is with Veronica and the second with Genis. It was fun to joke around with Genis but of course I like his class as well. I don't know how the school finds such good teachers but they are probably the best four teachers I have ever had. They are great at teaching, but they are also very personable and make you feel really comfortable. I'm really sad that I only have four more days of classes, and I hope this week goes at a very slow pace. This is unlikely seeing as it’s a really busy week on top of classes and trying to pack, but it would be great even still. I'm also sad because I was looking forward to spending some time and getting some pictures with the girls at the farewell dinner. Apparently Liz, Lauren and Sara will already be gone. I'm happy Laura and Elena will be there but it won't be the same without the others. I really love the staff and feel I have become friends with them as well over the past two months. All of them are also really personable and fun. I am really happy I have meet so many great people because of being here. I hope everyone is taking advantage of the final weekend, and I will let you know how my bungee jumping experience goes! Adiós. 

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  • The Last Weekend in Barcelona

    July 21, 2012
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