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A Trip to Europa, You Say?

You CAN have your cake and eat it to. In this journal I try to put into perspective a kid from small-town United States finding his place within the grandeur and buzz of the great city, Barcelona.

I Will Return to Girona

Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Jul 08, 2012
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Ah, what a long, glorious weekend.

If you can, go to Girona. Kiss the buttox of a lion, fall in love, or remain there. Dance at the copas (tents in the forest with live music, the best nightlife), visit the bizarre and obscene Dali Theatre in Figueres, try your very best to find the ellusive, mystical, and uninhabited beach on the beautiful Costa Brava, or simply meet the very best young people the world has to offer.

I might post more from this extravagent trip at another time, but I feel that this captures the essence most. A place a bit detached from the hurry and ferocity of city life, somewhere simple, somewhere home.

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