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A Trip to Europa, You Say?

You CAN have your cake and eat it to. In this journal I try to put into perspective a kid from small-town United States finding his place within the grandeur and buzz of the great city, Barcelona.

There Are Seven Times as Many People in Barcelona as there are in Wyoming

Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Jul 02, 2012
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What is it to live in the city? I could not tell you, I have only lived in one small city: Denver. The concept of 'many people' is not one I'm entirely familiar with. I attend a school with merely 15,000 people. During the school year, we double the size of the town the unversity is at.

That's a big deal. As is this: Barcelona, part of it anyway, that I can see from the top of my balcony, my castle, while I contemplate the meaning of life, tapas, and España.

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